5 Top Tips for the Munro Road Trip

The sad reality is that most of us don’t live within walking distance of Munros. As a result, a few hours in the car has become synonymous with spending a day in the Scottish mountains. Here at Stùc we like to embrace to Munro road trip and so have come up with 5 great ways to make the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

1. Select the soundtrack

A well-chosen soundtrack makes the movie, and it’s no different when it comes to long drives. We’re going to be controversial and suggest that a basic playlist that jumps from artist to artist is a no go and so we’d suggest you go for one of the following 3 options;

  • Pick an awesome album and listen to it from start to finish
  • Find a podcast that will entertain/inform/spark debate
  • Turn the volume down to zero and trust yourselves to make semi-interesting conversation

 2. The Ruffle Shuffle

Nobody eats Raspberry Ruffles. They are heavily under-rated and frequently over-looked. In an attempt to boost their profile we are championing a game in which the humble Raspberry Ruffle becomes a much coveted prize. The rules? A Raspberry Ruffle starts with the front passenger. Every time you take a left turn the RR moves clockwise one position around the car passengers, when you turn right it moves anti-clockwise one position. Add in your own rules to make the game your own (eg. Roundabouts = Rock-Paper-Scissors for possession).

3. Bring a dog

The next tip is a simple one; Bring a dog. It might involve inviting a friend/family member who has a dog to come along too but it’s worth it. We don’t need to labour this point because dogs are awesome and make being outside all the better.

 4. Roll the dice with post-hike refreshments

Once you’ve bagged your Munros and found your way back to the car, the next item on the agenda is finding somewhere for food and/or drink. In the spirit of adventure we’d suggest not playing it safe with this element of the day. Avoid supermarkets & chains and instead opt for the first pub or café you come across. Might you walk through the door & immediately find the place to be a bit weird? Absolutely, but taking this approach lends itself to better stories and is the best method of finding true hidden gems.

5. House of Bruar

Finally, if your route allows it then stop-off in the House of Bruar on the A9. It’s simply the most captivating place, whether it’s the sofa & fireplace in the menswear department or the astonishing array of Scottish fare in the foodhall, it never disappoints. Polish off your day with a stroll by the falls and then climb back into the car for the final leg home.