Lockdown Activities for the Munro Bagger

As we sit here in our homes embracing what has become Lockdown 2.0 with its travel restrictions, the ones of us who are not fortunate enough to have any Munro's within our local area have to keep ourselves busy. We thought we'd help a bit by providing a list of some recommended things to do while we wait for the domestic travel restrictions to be lifted.

1. Do some local walks/runs

Although travel across council boundaries isn't really possible at the minute, exercise is very much permitted! So why not embrace some local walks and get to know your local area better?

Interestingly, Walkhighlands which is usually an excellent resource for Munro routes also has an amazing catalogue of shorter walks throughout Scotland and will certainly have some itineraries which are close to home and permitted.

We'd also recommend getting a copy of the Scottish Trail Running book which has a great selection of trail runs around Scotland (which can also be walked!).

Fiona Outdoors also has some great posts on different walks to do locally, noting that this is more focussed on the central belt but covers the UK. Here's a good selection for walks around Glasgow.

2. Get planning for your Munro Trips when Lockdown Ends

Why not get planning for the next Munros you want to do? Walkhighlands has a useful feature for logging your Munros and giving a good overview by means of the map to see where you need to target the next ones.

For further inspiration, why not get the newly updated SMC Munro book? Newly updated and to be released in February this will undoubtedly get you excited for new adventures.

3. Get some Munro themed clothing to inspire you!

We'd obviously be missing a trick without plugging ourselves a little bit... In case you'd missed it, we're currently offering 25% our Schiehallion sweater! Just enter the code BURNS25B at checkout for it to apply!

Alternatively, check out the Munro beanie. A bit of activity to keep you busy with stitching in the red crosses which represent each of the Munros done to date as well! Ideal for those long nights with not much to do and every Netflix series already exhausted!

4. Get the sewing machine out and repair your kit!

Bit of a curve ball but why not get yourself a sewing machine and repair some of the outdoor kit that's been relegated to the dog walking clothing? It's actually a lot easier than it seems and can save having to buy some new clothes!

Cheap second hand sewing machines can easily be picked up on your favourite auction sites and can give a good opportunity to try out something new as well as breathing a breathe of fresh air into your old kit.

The classic issue we've found is zips breaking on jackets which is actually a really straightforward and cheap job to do yourself. Just pick up a new zip (you can even get waterproof ones) from somewhere like Pennine outdoors and get working away. There's even tons of youtube tutorials showing you how it's done.

Here's one we did earlier. A beat up old ME jacket which can now live a bit longer thanks to a new zip!

5. Stay Fit and limber with a bit of exercise from home

One of the upsides of the lockdown is that there is now a lot of places offering online exercise classes. Quite a few which are free as well! So make a bit of space in your Livingroom, get the shorts and trainers on and get going!

We'd recommend Yoga with Adrienne which has a 30 day daily challenge to get you going. But just have a wee hunt and find the sort of thing that suits you and go with it.

If you're up something beefy, try the 100 pullup, 100 pushup, 100 squat, 100 crunch challenge!