About Stùc

Stùc (Stook) – Pinnacle/Peak

If you've spent any time around the Scottish mountains at all then we don't need to explain to you why we love them so much. The 282 Munros are particularly captivating, both from ground level & from their summits. Like many of you, our time in these Munros is limited to weekend trips or holidays, neither of which seem to come around frequently enough.

We (3 friends who met in Dundee) wanted to do something to rectify this and so we created... Stùc!

Stùc exists to bring you a range of casual wear which allows you to live in the Munros every single day, constantly being reminded of your favourite places and your most memorable adventures. All of our clothes set out to tell a story, but we know that the reality is that you'll have your own stories which you'll want to tell about your adventures in the mountains.

Enough about us, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us here with your stories about the mountains in our designs or with ideas of Munros to feature in our future ranges.